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Trinity Christian School operates a nondenominational Christian school in Cold Lake, Alberta, and the nondenominational Trinty@Home program throughout the province. We serve families from a wide range of Christian faith backgrounds and also welcome families from other or no faith backgrounds.


Our campus school works with a wide range of students, from academically strong students to those exhibiting various forms of mild, moderate or severe special needs. For the last 25 years the Trinity Christian School Association administered the Wisdom Homeschooling program, but this home education community is no longer part of Trinity. However, Trinity will continue to offer a home education program under the Trinity@Home brand. In addition to traditional home education, Trinity@Home is planning to expand in the near future to into online/distributed learning formats for learning at home. We are also hoping that local families will be able to enroll part-time in our campus program and part-time in our home education program.


Our educational program at Trinity leans toward both classical Christian education and Mediated Learning because we believe strongly in developing effective tools for life-long learning.


Trinity Christian School Association’s beliefs are as follows

Every single child is important to God, and all can be helped to learn and experience success.

Our students have the right to equitable access of a quality Christian basic education to meet their diverse needs.

All students are modifiable and can experience change in their learning potential. Therefore they are responsible to participate fully in their own educational achievement.

Mediated Learning involves every child, including those with severe needs. It is based on intellectually challenging the child in a safe and caring learning environment.

Our programs must contribute to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional dimensions of the student.

Parents and guardians must be involved in meaningful decisions about their child’s education.


The mission of Trinity Christian School Association is to ensure that students have the opportunity to acquire God directed knowledge, skills and attributes. These in turn should enhance their potential to become self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing members of society.

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